Sunday, 31 July 2011

Up and coming vintage events, not to be missed!!

Here's a link to a great events calendar for the local area, please check them out and come along!

<a href="">Staffordshire Handmade and Vintage Fair: Local Events Calender</a>: "The best places to visit, run by the nicest people all around the local area. Let us know what we are missing by emailing whimsicalandcuriou..."

Also, here are some photographs taken by myself and Lauren of today's Pop Up Vintage Bonanza! :)

Hope to see you at one of our fairs soon!!xx

Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday night

Well its says something that my plans for a Friday night are to clean a 1950's baby Belling tabletop oven :-S then an early night as Kate and I are off to 2 vintage fairs tomorrow to check them out for potential fairs to show at. One in Derby and one in Sheffield, so a long day ahead. Then on Sunday its another early start as we are at the Pop Up Vintage Bonanza at the Gardeners Retreat in Stoke-on-Trent. We have to be there at 7.30am. I remember a time when at 7.30 on a Sunday morning I'd just be getting home! How times change lol!

But the saddest thing is that I'm actually enjoying it!Cleaning a bloomin' oven!Granted a very pretty 1950's oven :) I'll go take a piccy so you can appreciate the beauty ;) ......

.....and here it is :)

cute isn't it ;) and here are some lovely little vintage tins in an enamel rack.

I picked them up at an auction last night and I couldn't be happier with my purchases.
Another brilliant buy was this...

A Victorian manicure set.

More treasures to be discovered soon. As for me I'm off to bed ready for a day of vintage retail therapy :)

Night night xx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Upcoming Vintage and Handmade Fairs

Hi everyone especially Floss as our first follower- yey! ;) Here are some details of fairs we are booked in for now and I'm sure we will be adding lots more in the near future.
p.s. no word on the house yet!The waiting is the worst thing!

The first is the Vintage Pop-Up Bonanza fair on the 31st of July

There's also the Staffordshire Vintage and Handmade Fair on the 21st of August

 We are also at the Keele Christmas Fair in Staffordshire on 27th of November 11am - 4pm xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

New beginnings

Well after the work stuff here comes the good stuff (hopefully you'll think so anyway!) :)
I have recently had an epiphany. I will be 30 next year and whenever anyone has asked me 'what do you want to do with your life?' I've always drawn a blank. As a kitchen designer I make a living, but it's not my passion, but quite frankly Ive never really realised what my passion is. Until now. Now to most this may seem odd, but seriously, within the last week I've actually thought- 'I love this'. 'This' being staying up til 2.30am setting up a Facebook page or constant phone calls to see if I can set up our own vintage fair. It actually fills me with joy. Promoting something that I feel passionate about. I'm excited! Kate will tell you that for the past 18 years she's never seen me so inspired, excited or move so quick! Both in actually physical movement and speed in which things are coming together for Kate and Lexy's Vintage!(I'm usually a very 'take things as they come', laid back kind of person-but not with this. I'm running with it!).

Things are moving on for Kate too. She has literally just had a solid offer on her little cottage and Mr and Mrs Kate have put in an offer on a new house-so please everyone keep your fingers crossed! She's also had a new addition to the family....

Beautiful Bunty!!
She joins the more senior members of our combined family,
the lovely Bill, Kate's Dachshund-cross toe licker!

(don't be fooled, he's having a tummy rub now, but turn your eyes for just a second and he'll lick your toes til you squeal!).

The final member of the clan is my cat, gorgeous George :)

Obviously I'm biased, but I think he's gorgeous...apart from when he's using my Victorian set of pine drawers as a scratch post!

So going back a step, I thought on this poignant evening for Kate and Mr Kate, and Bill and Bunty for that matter, that I should pay homage to Kate's little cottage. A place that has seen many happy times for me, let alone them! I know Kate especially will miss it but as the clan expands, so must the home.
So here it is.....

They're lovely sitting room which is lovely with the fire roaring in the winter time.

They're cosy bedroom (which Kate has promptly tided for these photos lol ;) )

And Kate's sewing room. Where the magic happens!

And never one to want to feel left out, I've thrown in some pictures of my humble boudoir :)

I love a cushion I do! And a feather eiderdown for that matter!

 The scene of many of George's crimes!

So with that I'm saying goodnight, good luck and fingers crossed for Mr and Mr Kate xx


The beginning of Kate and Lexy's Vintage

Firstly, I have to ask you to bear with me as this is my first ever blog!Kate and I have been best friends for a long time and we adore vintage and handmade home ware; cushions, blankets, eiderdowns, pretty vintage china, pressed glass etc but about a year ago we took the plunge and set up our own little empire, with a unit at a crafts and antiques centre in South Cheshire called Dagfields. We both work full time; Kate works in retail and I'm a kitchen designer by trade. We both left university with a degree and high hopes, which were quickly dashed! The reality of an art degree is this: more often than not you're lead towards being a teacher, a graphic designer or start your own business. This can be very hard to make a living from when you need to pay the bills and you haven't yet developed a name for yourself. So 7 years after we left uni, we took the plunge!Better late than never!!

Now Dagfields is a quirky place, mixed with high end antiques and bargain finds, it's a place you need to rummage at, but quite often your time and efforts are not without the spoils. Our unit is in emporium 6 and is most recognisable by saying 'look out for the bed!', as it's the only unit in there with a little white vintage bed (although there's usually a mass of cushions and blankets on there so you might have to search lol). Its certainly an Alladin's cave in there with everything a vintage lover could want!

So this is it!Our first week at Dagfields.

It's moved on quite a bit from this in the last year and change is coming in other areas as we get out there and come to you instead of us selfishly expecting you to always to come us lol! :)

 This is us now!Look how we've changed!!

However, we are also taking Kate and Lexy's Vintage to many fairs around the Midlands, sometimes even further a field.

We have also joined Facebook:
And we're also on Twitter: KateLexyVintage

So please come and see us or get in touch as we're always really happy to hear from our fans xx