Saturday, 23 July 2011

Upcoming Vintage and Handmade Fairs

Hi everyone especially Floss as our first follower- yey! ;) Here are some details of fairs we are booked in for now and I'm sure we will be adding lots more in the near future.
p.s. no word on the house yet!The waiting is the worst thing!

The first is the Vintage Pop-Up Bonanza fair on the 31st of July

There's also the Staffordshire Vintage and Handmade Fair on the 21st of August

 We are also at the Keele Christmas Fair in Staffordshire on 27th of November 11am - 4pm xx

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  1. Your first follower is getting a bit upset that she lives in France... Best wishes for a great season, and I'll keep reading and wishing...